levitra overdoseLevitra treats erectile dysfunction by relaxing the walls of the blood vessels and increasing the blood flow to certain areas of the body. So any discrepancy in the effects of Levitra such as an overdose, for example, can lead to a sudden drop in blood pressure. This leads to some dramatic consequences.

This medication should be taken exactly as prescribed by the doctor and all instructions on the label must be followed, down to the last word. Taking larger or even smaller dosages are simply going to be counterproductive. The maximum Levitra dosage that is prescribed by doctors to males with a larger body weight is 20 mg. The usual dosage of the drug is around 10 mg, 5 mg being the lower side of the dosage. People can buy Levitra from online pharmacies after comparing Levitra prices and choosing the best online pharmacy to get hold of the drug.

Although overdose is quite rare, it has the same symptoms as the usual side effects and nothing quite in particular. In the case of an overdose, it is advisable that you call the emergency services immediately and ask for help.

Overdose Symptoms:-

Some of the severe manifestations of the effects of Levitra occur when there is a sudden drop in the blood pressure of the patient’s body. One of the first signs of overdose begins with breathlessness, cold sweats, and loss of vision. You will immediately feel that you are about to black out and faint. The breathlessness adds to the discomfort and it may lead to panic. Nausea and nervousness begin to take over the body and you are cast into confusion. There will be tightness in the chest, pounding in the ears and swelling of the eyelids, face, lips, and tongue. The signs of overdose can be quite dramatic indeed and at the first signs of its manifestation, you should seek help. It would be accurate to say that in the case of an overdose, the usual symptoms are basically common side effects, amplified. Since this is the case, it certainly would be helpful to understand what the side effects of Levitra are, in order to be fully safe and ready to handle an unfortunate situation.

Side Effects Of Levitra, A Brief Understanding:-

You should let your doctor know if you have any problems related to heart disease or have suffered a recent heart attack. High or low blood pressure, seizures, liver and underlying Kidney diseases are just going to boost the negative effects of Levitra.

Some of the common side effects include headaches and dizziness. This is a signal and your cue to pick up the phone and immediately consult with your doctor to address the issue at the outset. Muscle pains and flushing are another set of commonly experienced side effects. While these may not lead to anything else, it is the rare side effects that you should ideally be worried about, they are an immediate tell-tale sign that you may, in fact, be bordering on overdosing.

Vision changes, ringing in the ears, irregular heartbeat, swelling in the limbs, breathlessness, and convulsions are an immediate cause for concern and these effects may last for well over more than a day.