How does Levitra interact with other drugs?

If you are ever taking more than one medication, there are always possibilities for the drugs to interact with each other and likely producing adverse effects or lessening the efficacy of the other. The popular drug Levitra, used for treating erectile dysfunction (ED), is also one such drug that can likely interact with other medications that you may be on. Get to know about the possible Levitra interactions by reading this blog.

Drugs that can interact adversely with Levitra

There are certain categories of drugs that interacts the most with this drug and such usage should be watched out for. The primary concern is of using nitrate drugs, which are used for lowering blood pressure and those with chest pain. An interaction between the ED drug and those containing some form of nitrate can lead to dangerously low blood pressure levels. The simultaneous usage of alpha-blockers should also be avoided as they can cause the blood pressure to drop very low. Any drug at that is used to moderate the blood pressure levels can possibly interact with the ED medication, and this should be checked before usage.

Using more than one ED medication at a time can also result in side effects, particularly if they work in a similar way. It is advised not to take Cialis and Viagra along with this med as they are all PDE5 inhibitors.

An important enzyme that can help metabolize and eliminate this medicine from the system is CY3A4. If using medications that suppress this enzyme, then it would result in higher levels of the ED drug in the blood stream and longer time for elimination. Drugs that inhibit the enzyme include antibiotics, antifungals, and those used in the treatment of HIV/AIDS.

Levitra interactions with food and alcohol

The Levitra medication is one that works efficiently even when similar PDE5 inhibitors are not as effective. Hence, there isn’t much that can lower the potency of the medication. The concurrent consumption of alcohol is not likely to affect too much unless you drink in excessive amounts. Besides, alcohol is a substance that can lower the blood pressure so it is not really advisable to drink.

Consuming any grapefruit or grapefruit products is not recommended as it can cause the drug to stay in the blood longer, which increases the risk of side effects. High fat meals can bring down the efficiency of the ED medication to some extent.

How to avoid Levitra drug interactions?

Yes, it is possible to avoid interactions between Levitra and other drugs but first you have to disclose whatever medicines you are taking to the doctor. This includes all the prescription, vitamins, herbal products, and over the counter pills. Since the ED drug is used only on an as needed basis, you would not have to give up taking other medications entirely. Instead, the doctor will help you change the timings or the way you use these drugs. Always watch out for side effects and share any concerns at all with your doctor.